Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alki Beach...How Romantic!

Friday night Jason took me on a romantic date to the exotic beaches of Seattle. Haha, after growing up in Florida and living 20 minutes away from real beaches, any man-made beach is going to make you laugh. Nevertheless, we enjoyed walking up and down the walkway that hugged the coast and boasted a fabulous view of the city skyline. This was the first time Jason had touched the Pacific ocean and man! that water was COLD! As the setting sun sank into Puget sound, we strolled by all the bicyclists, rollerbladers and beach bums also enjoying their Friday evening. We met some people speaking Russian so I was even able to use my extremely limited Russian skills I picked up while in Moldova. (When I say limited I mean it, it consists of "please" and "thank you") I am pretty sure too that I saw a seal! I kept seeing a head bob up and down. It was either a seal or a mermaid, one can't be too sure....

The Pacific Ocean! (kind of) That water was chiiillllly!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seattle Bus-stoppers

So it's cool to be eco-savvy around these parts. Alot of people are really into biking and walking to places they need to go. Cars are bad!! And smelly! They seem to have a decent public transport system here too, although I wouldn't know because I always just walk. Apparently it's cool to ride the bus. Well it looks like this family waited so long for the bus that they finally just turned to stone. It happens. Folks have fun dressing them up and putting frillies all over them. In case you didn't know, that one in the middle is President Obama. Who knew?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Seattle Sounders!

I had never heard of the Seattle sounders when Jason told me that Google had gotten tickets for all of the interns to attend one of their games. But then again, I would wager that most Americans couldn't name more than a few teams in the MLS, if they even knew what that was in the first place. By the way, MLS stands for Major League Soccer. Then again, maybe it's just me who is the ignorant fool. Either way, Jason was able to get an extra ticket for me and, along with his mentor,Larry, we went tonight to watch the Sounders take on DC United. It was a pretty cool exciting game and the football stadium-turned soccer stadium boasted a fairly large crowd. I found myself cheering, booing and whooping along with all of the crazy wild fans. My, my, how our allegiances can so easily be altered. I haven't even lived in Seattle for 2 months! I cannot say that we walked away triumphant; the Sounders tied 3-3, which was very disappointing, but it's all good. :)We had lots of fun!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Famous(?) Seattle Aquarium

Seattle is known for being environmentally friendly. Ya know, "save the whales!" and "hug a tree!" type of thing. Well I thought it would be pretty cool if we went and checked out the aquarium they have here in town; apparently it was supposed to be the bomb diggity. Plus, a girl at work got me two complimentary tickets because her mom works there. Nice.

So yesterday Jason and I went downtown to the famous Seattle Aquarium. It was....nice. I have a few criticisms however. It was super small. It seemed that the main displays were starfish(oops, i mean sea stars) and small fish. That's ok but they have that at the Museum of Science and Discovery too. Also, the big mammals, consisting of two giant seals, had this super small tank. They had two identically sized tanks side by side: one had two big seals and a little guy and the other had otters. Hm... that seems less than environmentally friendly. The 2 ton seals get the same sized tank as the 2 pound otter? Another thing that I was sad about was that they didn't even have killer whales! What Aquarium in the northwest has the audacity to call itself an aquarium and not have orcas?? Even Miami Seaquarium has a killer whale! And they don't patrol the coasts of Florida naturally.

Oh well, I guess for all this complaining it means that I was just a little disappointed. I am still glad we went and I am definitely glad we did not have to pay the $16 something fee for each ticket. But I expected more I suppose. To top it all off, the aquarium doesn't have it's own parking so we ended paying $8 bucks for public parking! Ouch! sigh. Asa e viata! We also got a glimpse of the famous pike place market. Not gonna lie, I was not dying to go in. Jason and I both thought it looked overrated and neither one of us really care to go there.

This is a real man-eating octopus! It looks like an alien!

I shouldn't complain. There were some neat things that we saw and some super uuuuggggly fish, haha! I enjoyed the experience of going downtown and hey, at least I got some cute pictures of my adorable hubby! He is such a good sport. I'm always telling him to stand here or stand there while I take a picture of him. He likes it :)
Aw..he's so cute...
Notice the scary octopus coming after him, ahhhhh!

Friday, June 5, 2009

What a View!

A blustery cool front came in last night,pushing out what remained of the last rays of light. Jason and I were both pretty tired from the day but I had to just take a moment and go on our roof and look at this. I thought it was so beautiful. I think it would make for a great water color. In fact, I think I might just go ahead and do that. Pretty inspiring,eh?

While I was up on the roof I thought I'd give everyone an idea of the view we have of downtown right from our own home!