Monday, August 30, 2010

Salmon for Lunch

On Saturday Jason, Waylon ( Jason's friend) and I went to the Ballard locks to see if we could catch a glimpse of the jumbo salmon swimming up stream. The last time Jason and I went we saw little cute fishies about the length of my forearm. This time we saw the big guys. Salmon easily two feet long and weighing 20 pounds! But the coolest part of the whole trip was watching a sea lion have his lunch. He knew where to find all the salmon, and an easy meal. Crowds of people looked on as he ripped salmon apart, flinging them in the air. I thought it was pretty cool, but apparently the local Native American tribe trying to fish the salmon didn't think so. They threw a bomb into the water that went off with a loud explosion under water, meant to scare off the sea lion. But can you blame the poor guy? I know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but if you know how to get one easily why not, right?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Back!

OK, so this all feels really familiar. Last summer we moved up to Seattle for Jason's internship and I was jobless for about two weeks. I feel like this is happening all over again. Jason just started his new job at Microsoft and I am hanging out. Not that there isn't a lot to do, because there is! In fact, now I have time to do the things I only talked about doing. Ya know, we all say it "when I have more time" or "one of these days I'm gonna..." Well that extra time has come for me. So here is my short list of things I would like to do. Some of them are more practical than others, some of them are fears I need to conquer and some of them are skills I would simply like to finely tune.

Learn 5 new songs on the guitar
Find a piano somewhere and practice twice a week
Bake a new recipe once a week
Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish
Organize my pictures into photo albums
Make a scrapbook (whoa!) of our road trip this summer
Work out DAILY
Finish John Adams
Read all 7 Harry Potter books before the movie comes out
Plant a little potted garden
Write in my journal daily
Do a watercolor of Mt. Rainier

Hm... I'm glad I wrote that down. Now I'm gonna have to hold myself to it. Ya know, I could get used to this whole housewife gig...