Monday, August 29, 2011

Aunt Bina and Uncle Arty Came to Town!

 Need I say any more? I think the title explains a lot, because when these two show up anywhere, it's a party. And this time was no different. :) They actually had gone on a cruise up in Alaska but since their flight left through Seattle they figured "why not hang around a few days and spend some quality time with our favorite niece?" ok, they didn't really say that, but they did take a few days before boarding their flight. :)

While they were here, we visited the Famous Seattle seaquarium... 

We also did the underground tour of old seattle, which I found to be very fascinating. But then again, anything history makes me get all geeked out. ;0)

Tuesday night, in honor of our 3rd Anniversary, Bina and Arty took us out to eat at a nice restaurant called Palomino. The best part was that Bina wouldn't let cheapo Jason order anything less than a steak. And he loved it!
While they were here, we shared the good news with them about our little baby and of course they are very happy and excited for us. Bina took me shopping for some maternity jeans and I got some very cool, hip stuff! I finally own my first pair of skinny jeans, some two years after they became cool. I always take a while to get with the times...

I love these two!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Baby Girl

This is our little miracle. I had my 20 week appointment today and everything went very well. I am so happy and feel so extremely blessed! This little girl truly is a miracle in our lives and I just continue and hope and pray that she grows stronger and healthier every day. We can't wait to meet her!

Traveling the Great Northwest

This past week my parents-in law ( is that a word??) and brother-in-law came to visit and boy, did we have a heck of a lot of fun! They stayed for a week and we got a lot of goodness packed in. :)

Besides eating a lot of good food ( salmon!!) and getting spoiled by them, 
here are a few things that we did: 

 Had a barbeque in the park ( while watching eagles fly over us)

Visited Mt. Rainier National Park

 Took a ferry through the San Juan Islands to Victoria, B.C.

Visited the famous Butchart Gardens( after eating some yummy fish n' chips!)

Visited the Olympic National Park ( and saw TONS of wildlife!)

Traveled to the Hoh National Rainforest--the only one on the continental U.S.

And saw the Pacific Ocean! ( Second time ever in my life!)

We also went to the Ballard locks and saw a lot of salmon jumping up the ladder. So naturally we then had to go and eat salmon at Ivar's salmon house. :0) My wonderful mother-in-law, Diane, whom I lovingly  refer to as Mama Casebolt, treated us to an amazing massage and manicures on Friday, and we all had the pleasure of picking out a baby stroller at Babies R Us ( shout out to Crystal for the good advice and help) It was actually really hard! Whew! 

Dang, I miss them already! I can't wait to see them all again!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chillin' in Utah

 I've done a lot of great things so far this summer--trek, Girls Camp, sleeping in--but the one that trumps them all so far was my trip to Utah. I had such a dang good time! Not only was it fun, but I felt like I learned a lot of valuable lessons about life and marriage. This trip helped remind me what some of the most important things in life are.I'm so glad I went. Here are a few of the things I did....

I got to catch up with old friends and roomies

Strengthened friendships

Went to Christina's wedding and reception

and saw Justin!!!!

Justin got permission from his Mission President to have lunch with me and Paul so we met up with him and his companion in Spanish Fork at a very yummy Chinese buffet. We even had our lunch paid for!