Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthing Class 101

So Jason and I started taking birthing classes last week and they have been...interesting. It's a series of 4 2.5 hour classes taught over the course of 4 weeks, every Thursday. They could easily compress the 2 and a half hour class into 45 minutes, but then maybe we wouldn't feel like we were getting our money's worth? We have learned some important tidbits of information like the 3 phases of labor, what to expect from contractions, how to decide what pain relief you want ( if any) and expectations of the spouses. But the best part this last time was when we got to practice breathing during  contractions. All the ladies in the room got into some comfortable position and then their husbands had to massage their shoulders or back. It was great! We were supposed to try a few different positions and every time Jason had to keep massaging me. So thats why you go to a birthing class! That, by far, as been the most, eh, helpful and benefitting part. ;0)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My latest creation

So I started this way back in August and I intended to give it to my friend Molly as a baby shower gift. And then I got lazy. And I stopped working on it. Until two weeks ago when I found out the exact date of her shower and realized "oh crap! I gotta finish!" This was one heck of an intense baby afghan to crochet, but I think the finished product turned out well. Don't you? Note to self: don't ever do this one again! Took WAY too much time. But the look on her face was worth it; I think she liked it. :)