Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Today I had a wonderful birthday!
Jason woke up with Claire and took care of her in the morning allowing me to take a long, relaxing shower. He also made me breakfast burritoes, which are my favorite!
Tonight he and I went out on the town! We walked around downtown Bellevue and ate at the Purple Cafe. It's always fun to get dressed up and go out to eat at a nice place. It makes me feel so grown up!

But the purpose of this post was to list some of the many many birthday gifts I received today. And everyday, from my loving Heavenly Father. As I went to bed last night, I thought about how blessed I am and how today would be a great day, even if nothing special happened. It was a great day because these were some of the gifts that blessed me today:

1.  a wonderful, loving husband
2.  a beautiful, healthy baby girl
3.  a loving family who supports me in everything I do
4.  wonderful in-laws who also love and support me
5.  a cozy little apartment that has treated us so well
6. a beautiful place to live! It's so gorgeous here!
7. a very comfy car that gets me around easily
8. MY HEALTH!! welcome back!
9. the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge it gives me of who I am and my purpose here on earth
10. wonderful, loving friends
11. ability to stay at home with my daughter
12. my husband's good job
13. wonderful visiting teaching companion and visiting teachees
14. financial stability
15. education and knowledge
16. technology that allows me to talk with and see family who live thousands of miles away
17. leisure time that I can use to make and create things
18. appliances that do the cleaning for me!
19. a soft comfy bed to take lazy afternoon naps on
20. happiness in my heart and soul!!

These are just a few of the many blessings I have in my life everyday. Today, I will call them my birthday blessings from Heavenly Father. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A short Hiatus

So I had grandiose plans of documenting our whole road trip ( which lasted approx. 7 weeks!) with pictures of places we went and the people we visted. Then... Blogger told me I had run out of free space. Hmp! It kinda dampened everything so I haven't bothered posting at all. I should have at least written about it but who just wants to read posts without pictures?!?
So I am taking a little hiatus from this blog--just a short one--until I can figure out what to do about getting more hosting space. For free. For some reason it just feels wrong to pay for space on the intertubes.