Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hanging out in Florida

 I had the chance to go down to Orlando to visit my parents this last week and I had so much fun! Besides the weather being nice, I finally got to meet little Ila, Cyndi's beautiful baby girl. While I was there, she also threw her first annual Nutella Party, which turned out to be a little birthday party/baby gift party for me too! I also took a refresh course in crocheting from mom so I can start making a baby blanket--I started making one, but I realized the yarn I got was too big and bulky so it wouldn't work I loved my parents new house--it's so...refreshing. It hasn't been destroyed by a million boys and their friends. Not that anything was wrong with a house that gets good use out of it, but there is nothing like the feel and smell of a new house. Overall, good times were had and I am now toying with the idea of going back again in a month or so!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Pregnant!

Yippee!!! I finally get to go public with this! Jason and I are expecting our first baby in July! July 15th, to be exact. I am almost 13 weeks along. We told our families over Christmas. My parents flipped, they are so excited. They have been grand baby hungry for a LONG time! So here is a picture of the little guy. ( I'm calling it a boy until proven otherwise because the picture looks like a boy to me.) This was at about 9 weeks and his head is on the left side. It was so amazing to see his little heart beating so quickly. That was when I realized that I have life inside of me! It was an incredible moment.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions- Do I dare?

Ah, a new year to look forward to. But with the coming of a new year, there always seems to be this need to make resolutions, to change, to improve. Every year I attempt this, but then once I mess up, I feel like the year is gone to waste, and I'll have to wait until the next new year to commit to the resolution again. So my solution: I will continue to make resolutions but I won't call them my New Year's resolutions. Haha. But no, seriously, it's all mental. If I feel that these are just some ideas that I am coming up with at a random point in my life, then when I slip or forget about it, I won't feel so bad. :)

Some ideas (NOT New Year Resolutions):
->Learn how to sew
->Renew my desire to learn how to watercolor
->Eat more vegetables
->Branch out in the cooking department
->Get my Washington Teaching License!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating Christmas with Family

Jason and I were not planning on going anywhere for Christmas. We were going to stay right here in Redmond. And then plans changed. Maybe it was me just pouting all the time. Or maybe it was the realization that this could possibly be the last Christmas my family celebrated with Grandma. Maybe its because Jason knew I would be painful to live with if I didn't get to go to New York for Christmas. Either way, the decision was made late Saturday night and we were on a plane to  D.C. less than 12 hours later. Whew!
       Good times were had. we spent four days with his parents in Virginia then took the train up to N.Y. to Grandma's house where we surprised my family! Poor dad just started crying when he saw us. We've got to stop surprising him, he's gonna have a heart attack one day. We also got to see relatives, which is always good, because I feel like I don't see then hardly enough, and Jason has only met them once before.

Rachel's and my gingerbread house

Jason was so excited to get an orange in his stocking!

Me and Jessica, my cousin

Hanging at Aunt Bina's house

Us with Uncle Ico and Aunt Cindy
I love being at Grandma's house for Christmas. It reminds me of so many good memories as a kid, and this time was no different. Yep, Christmas for me is definitely about being with family!