Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Road Trip Documentary

We're leaving on our Road trip tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'm taking a little break in between packing, cleaning and doing some laundry right now to post this entry. I intend on documenting our trip with as many pictures and posts as possible. This is what our tentative scheduled trip looks like right now:

 Woohoo!! Can't wait to start! I hope Claire likes hanging out in her carseat because we have about 130 hours of driving time ahead of us!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favorite Little Elephant

 Ok, so this is my Halloween post. Yes, I know it was almost a week ago. I'm lame. Oh well. Anyways, on Halloween I took Claire to visit Jason at Microsoft and we did a little trick or treating there. She got pretty good at picking up a candy and putting it in her little black caldron.


 Later on, I took her trick or treating through the neighborhood with a friend and her 7 year old daughter. I think I would have felt a little awkward if it was just me and Claire, asking for candy, but since there was another kid, I didn't! Jason and I are still enjoying the "benefits" of Halloween--eating all of Claire's candy!!
Besides wanting to get candy, I really was excited to dress her up ad expose her to the fun tradition of trick or treating. I know it doesn't mean much to her now, but it made for some great pictures!

By the way, thanks to a little lollipop that she got a hold of, she got the proper motivation to help her start walking! I guess good things do come from a little sugar. :)

Here's a video to prove it!