Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favorite Little Elephant

 Ok, so this is my Halloween post. Yes, I know it was almost a week ago. I'm lame. Oh well. Anyways, on Halloween I took Claire to visit Jason at Microsoft and we did a little trick or treating there. She got pretty good at picking up a candy and putting it in her little black caldron.


 Later on, I took her trick or treating through the neighborhood with a friend and her 7 year old daughter. I think I would have felt a little awkward if it was just me and Claire, asking for candy, but since there was another kid, I didn't! Jason and I are still enjoying the "benefits" of Halloween--eating all of Claire's candy!!
Besides wanting to get candy, I really was excited to dress her up ad expose her to the fun tradition of trick or treating. I know it doesn't mean much to her now, but it made for some great pictures!

By the way, thanks to a little lollipop that she got a hold of, she got the proper motivation to help her start walking! I guess good things do come from a little sugar. :)

Here's a video to prove it!

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