Monday, October 29, 2012


Last week I got to see the musical Wicked at the Paramount theater in downtown Seattle. I went with some great friends and we had a great time! The music was amazing, the dialogue hilarious. The combination of incredible singing, superb acting and a very colorful set made for an enthralling show. I got sucked into it! I have to admit that Galinda, or Glinda ( with the GUH being silent) was my favorite character. I laughed over and over again at her hilarious lines and acting.

Jason was a sport and agreed to watch Claire while I abandoned him on his birthday. But apparently they had a great time. When I got home I saw the remains of their large blanket fort they had made and played in. :)

Thanks, Lauren, for getting the tickets! Thanks, Brittany, for being a super navigator! And thanks, Cheryl, for putting up with my silly comments during the show. ( "I hope their breath smells ok, they are singing right into each others mouths!") You girls are the best!

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